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First of all, welcome to
The 2nd Golden PEG International Evolutionary Ecology Symposium (pdf) Lund, 23 April

We also organize a minisymposium on Community Evolution at the European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology, in Gothenburg, 15-19 June.

In March, we will make a tour Way Out West and visit colleagues in Copenhagen (here and here), Oslo, Bergen (here, here and here) and Trondheim.

Short Facts

We are a group of scientists at the Dept of Biology, Lund University, that share office space and coffee breaks, but also authorship, seminars, interests, ideas and visions.

The Vision and The Mission

Science cannot be successfully done without a strong theoretical underpinning. Theories summarize and synthesize our ideas about how natural systems work and function in order to seek generalities across organisms, ecological systems, and levels of biological organization. The Theoretical Population Ecology and Evolution Group takes the population as the natural, and some would say inevitable, starting point for the study of a range of central questions in ecology and evolutionary biology.

We use mathematics to formalize rigorously the dynamics of populations and communities and use these conceptual models to analyze the responses of individuals, populations and communities to environmental change, and the evolution of behavioral and other traits.

Insights from our research and the quantitative tools we use are put to service in the management of exploited populations (e.g., wildlife and marine fish stocks), estimation of ecosystem services, and the management and conservation of biodiversity.

The group was originally a subgroup of the Department of Theoretical Ecology, which ceased to exist 31 Dec 2010.

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