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Postdocs: Jacob Johansson, Catherine Tayleur, Nadiah Kristensen

Research Interests

I am senior research fellow at the Department of Biology, Lund University. The interest of my research group covers a wide range of theoretical and applied problems in ecology and evolution and we integrate mathematical modelling, experimental approaches and statistical analysis of observational data. Current work includes the study of phenology as a general problem in life history evolution, and how the timing of recurrent seasonal events is shaped by the dynamics of the biotic and abiotic environment. We are also interested in the role of climate in structuring bird communities and their spatial distribution. Finally, I have an old interest in stochastic population dynamics of exploited populations, including the role of fisheries in generating fluctuations in fish stocks.


CAnMove - Centre for Animal Movement Research

BECC - Biodiversity and Ecosystems in a Changing Climate

Research projects

From Climate Change to Population Change – Linking individual behaviour, demography and population dynamics in a variable world

Climate change and the timing of seasonal events: Phenology games in a variable and changing environment

The effect of Climate and Fishing on Fish Population Dynamics (more)

Selected Publications

Johansson, J., Bolmgren, K. & JONZÉN, N. 2013. Climate change and the optimal flowering time of annual plants in seasonal environments. Global Change Biology 19, 197-207

Johansson, J., Smallegange, I.M. & JONZÉN, N. 2012. An Eco-Evolutionary Model for Demographic and Phenological Responses in Migratory Birds. Biology 1, 639-657

Johansson, J. & JONZÉN, N. 2012. Game theory sheds new light on ecological responses to current climate change when phenology is historically mismatched. Ecology Letters 15, 881-888.

Johansson, J. & JONZÉN, N. 2012. Effects of territory competition and climate change on timing of arrival to breeding grounds: a game theory approach. The American Naturalist 179, 463-474.

JONZÉN, N., Pople, T., Knape, J., & Sköld, M. 2010. Stochastic demography and population dynamics in the red kangaroo (Macropus rufus). Journal of Animal Ecology 79, 109-116

JONZÉN, N., Hedenström, A., & Lundberg, P. 2007. Climate change and the optimal arrival of migratory birds. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Biological Sciences 274, 269-274

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JONZÉN, N., Pople, A. R., Grigg, G. C., & Possingham, H. P. 2005. Of sheep and rain - Large-scale population dynamics of the red kangaroo. Journal of Animal Ecology 74, 22-30

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JONZÉN, N., Ripa, J. & Lundberg, P. 2002. A theory of stochastic harvesting in stochastic environments. The American Naturalist 159, 427-437

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